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Our forestry team left to right
Matthew Sayer, The Late Mr JA Spencer (owner of the woodland and once Chairman on the Yorkshire Branch of the Royal Forestry Society), Peter Coates, Alex Thorpe and our Project Manager, Richard Kirby - Nuffin the Labrador is in the foreground.

Aerial view of the the woodland from where our current stock of timber comes

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Our Products

Our products are made from Yorkshire timber. We harvest the timber ourselves in sensitive, Forestry Commission sanctioned tinning works in order to improve the health, vitality and wildlife value of the woodland.

We mark out troublesome or genetically inferior trees, and those trees that are blocking the sunlight from the woodland floor. This allows not only an explosion of woodland flowers, but a huge increase in animal, bird and insect species. Within two years of the first thinning, there were hundreds of new trees that had regenerated naturally due to the increase in sunlight.

If you have woodland that you’d like us to manage for you - please let us know. As you can see, every piece of every tree we fell is used for fabulous school and nursery projects.